2019 Year-end Short Programmes

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Primary 1 & 2 (2020)

Solid Oak English

4-Day Programme

Our Solid Oak English Year-End Programme gives students the foundation to achieve proficiency in the English language. With a strong emphasis on grammar, spelling, vocabulary building and oral skills, your child will be on her way to better English!

Primary 3 to 6 (2020)

Writing Stars*

4-Day Programme

An A* essay requires more than good vocabulary and wonderful sounding phrases. Our Writing Stars Year-End Programme will teach writers how to plot their story so that the theme is echoed clearly. They will master the techniques  to elicit powerful and impactful impressions on the reader. Your child will write with flair!

Primary 3 to 6 (2020)

Concept Science

4-Day Programme

Your child will be on a strong footing for her Science after she goes through our 4-day Concept Science programme. We will revise the knowledge necessary to establish a firm foundation and then progress forward to new topics. Each day is a combination of interactivity, experiments and discussions to ensure that your children go back in the new year looking forward to learning Science.

Primary 3 to 6 (2020)

Math Whiz

4-Day Programme

Worried about the coming year? Our 4-day Math Whiz programme is designed so that your child can get ahead of the curve. We will run them through key concepts that they were exposed to this year and expand on them so that they start learning next year’s work. After this class, they will return to school as confident math learners!

Primary 4 to 6 (2020)

Art Attack

3-Day Programme

All work and no play makes a dull child! Now that the examinations are over, give your child a chance to unwind and de-stress. The Art Attack is a 3-day acrylic painting holiday programme that covers not only the techniques of painting, but also includes oral and writing skills where children need to conceptualise what they want to draw and explain what they have drawn.

Secondary 1 to 4 (2020)

Write Right

4-Day Programme

The Write Right Year-End programme is a writing course that blends current affairs with writing. In this programme, students will build upon their general knowledge with our carefully chosen articles and journals. Using these as a stimulus, students will learn the skills and techniques necessary to write a masterful essay.


We hope that this does not happen as we have specifically rearranged our scheduling during this time to shorten the Programme duration to fit traveling schedules and we are unable to prorate term fees or give cash refunds.

However in the off chance that there is a clash, please arrange for a make-up class if one is available. If no make-up classes are offered by us, we will give you a 50% credit for that lesson in the following term. Just show us the travel tickets and we will process the credits for you.

RGCFS’s academic year ends officially around November every year. The Year-End Programme marks the beginning of the next academic year. During the Year-End Programme, students will learn material pertinent to the next school year thus giving them a head start to the next level.

For Science and Maths, half of the Year-End Programme involves revision of important topics from previous years in preparation for learning of new topics. The other half of the Programme then moves onto new topics. In general, topics missed during the Year-End Programme are not repeated in the future terms.

For English, as it is not a topical subject, the Year-End Programme focuses on key skills that students have to master for writing as they progress to a higher level. While skills taught during the Year-End Programme may be touched upon again in future terms, the depth of coverage is vastly different.

As such, we strongly recommend that students attend the Year-End Programme.

There will be no lessons conducted from 22nd to 28th December 2019.

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