2020 March Holiday Courses

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PSLE English Intensive
Primary 6

PSLE English Intensive

3-Day Programme

The PSLE Intensive English, part of our PSLE English programme, is a comprehensive 3-day PSLE Paper 2 intensive revision course that covers many of the strategies, skills and techniques needed for your child to do well in the different components of the English Language Paper 2.


Primary 3 to 5

Twisted Fairy Tales

3-Day Programme

RG’s Twisted Fairy Tales programme inspires your child to become confident, bold writers. Over the three days, your kids will brainstorm and present elements that make up a good fairy tale. They then get to storyboard their ideas and add their own illustrations to depict their story. All with the eventuality of creating their final masterpiece of writing and art that they can take home and be proud of for years to come.


secondary 1 to 4

One-page Summary: Compre

1-Day Programme

Do you know the strategies to understand comprehension passages? Do you know the different question types and how to formulate your answer to score full marks? If you have been frustrated by comprehension, join us this March to learn how to ace your comprehension! In addition, you’ll receive a Cheat Sheet so that you can remember how to apply these strategies easily.


Secondary 3 to 4

One-page summary: summary

1-Day Programme

Summary writing is an important section of the O Level English Paper 2. There are methods of extracting information, summarising it and paraphrasing it in your own words – you just need to learn them! Join us this March to learn these strategies and receive an OPS Cheat Sheet that will help you ace the summary question!


primary 3 science
Primary 3

Science Sprouts

3-Day Programme

Parent and teacher attitudes are incredibly influential for our children’s outlook towards Science and Math. Have your child join us where we get them started on the right foot to love the subject. We’ll take them on an exploration of living and non-living things that nurtures their spirit of experimenting and evaluating information objectively. So let our experienced teachers inspire them and give them a head start to Primary level Science the right way!


primary 5 to 6

Science open-ended questions

3-Day Programme

Moving into Primary 5 and 6, there is a fundamental change in the way Open-Ended Questions are structured as well as a shift in how they are answered. Students must be equipped with stronger skills for interpreting questions, finding and using keywords, and writing about outcomes clearly while explaining cause-effect relationships. Join us to learn the skills needed to answer open-ended questions confidently and well.


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