How to help your children be smart

Today it seems as if everyone, including young children, are plugged in. Playing games, using educational apps, watching YouTube videos, thumbing through social media—screen time

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How do you choose a caregiver

We know that trusting new caregivers with your baby (or toddler or preschooler) is a big step. We get it. You’re probably feeling all the

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Future School Here Today: RG Channel

From Da Vinci’s futuristic flying machines to Jules Verne’s “phonotelephote” (video conferencing) and onwards to H. G. Wells’ time machine, history is filled with examples

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Open-Ended Comprehension – Part 1

In the previous article, we discussed Comprehension Cloze. In this edition, we are going to discuss the Open-Ended Comprehension component of the exams. These two

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Comprehension Cloze – Part 2

To understand this tip better, we are going to run through a sample passage using the above method. Firstly, please download the assignment and sample