3 Biggest Changes in the Educational Landscape 2019-2021: Part 1

Educational Landscape

by Richard Leong

I have not written anything regarding the educational landscape for some time. I would like to take this opportunity to address the three biggest changes in the educational landscape from this year (2019) to 2021.

2019: Cutting Down on School Examinations and Removal of Grading from Report Cards

In September 2018, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that they were cutting down on school examinations. All students from Primary 3 to Secondary 4 or 5 would also NOT have more than one graded assessment per subject per school term.


PSLE Oral Tips: Stimulus-Based Conversation


by Mrs Elaine Loh

The PSLE Oral Examination is the first language component your child will be tested on as part of the English Language paper. Hence, I have written this article to help you guide your child as he prepares for it. The PSLE Oral component has two parts: the reading component and the Stimulus Based Oral (SBO) conversation component. This is the part of the examination that most children find daunting for one or more of the following reasons:

  •  Speaking to a complete stranger about something is not a natural thing your child does
  • Sharing his opinion and ideas is not something your introverted child enjoys doing
  • Organising his thought process is something your child is having difficulty with
  • The open-ended nature of the stimulus based oral conversation creates anxiety in your child because he does not know what to expect

How to Ace Your Editing: Part 4

Editing - Connectors

Welcome back to Part 4 of the ‘How to Ace Your Editing’ blogs. In our previous blogs, we covered three different common errors: Tenses, Word Forms and Pronouns. Today, we will be covering how to detect and correct the ‘Connector’ error. 


Let’s get a basic understanding what a connector is. A connector is not recognised as one of the parts of speech; rather, it describes the function of two different parts of speech that play the role of connecting ideas or words: conjunctions and prepositions. 

As connectors connect ideas in the passage, it is important that students read the entire passage and understand how one idea connects to another, or he / she would have difficulty spotting the connector error. 

The tip presented here revolves around understanding the different relationships that ideas or words can have with each other in order to facilitate spotting the incorrect connector and replacing it with the correct one.

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Write with Might

by Mrs Elaine Loh

Everyone loves a good story. Everyone loves telling stories. Telling stories is what makes us human. As a child, I loved writing and I still do. As a teacher, I believe every child can be nurtured into a future writer even if writing isn’t exactly your child’s forte. There are no shortcuts to writing a good story but there are writing techniques that when applied effectively, help make for a truly outstanding story, one that will be remembered long after it is read.

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How to Ace Your Editing: Part 3

editing pronouns

In my previous blogs, I covered the first and second most common errors in Editing. We now move on to the third most common error – the Pronoun error.

Before we start, let’s understand what a pronoun is. Essentially, a pronoun takes the place of a noun. Usually somebody, something or some location had been mentioned, and a pronoun is used to refer back to what was mentioned. The prononun can sometimes be used even before the person, object or location was mentioned. Hence, it is important that student read the entire passage to figure out what the pronoun is referring to.

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How to Ace your Editing: Part 2

Welcome to our second blog about Editing. This blog will explain the Word Form error. This is the most difficult error to spot; unfortunately, it is the second most common error.

Editing: The Problem

The biggest problem students face, as mentioned in the previous blog is that students do not read for meaning. They do not connect the sentences together to read how individuals, events and ideas develop, connect and interact.

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How to ace your Editing: Part 1

The Editing section of the secondary English paper requires students to pick out 8 errors and correct them from a short passage. It is worth 10 marks, and compared to the rest of paper 1, which consists of two essays of over 300 words, it seems well worth the effort. Afterall, it only requires eight corrections and two ticks.

Unfortunately, many students find it difficult. They struggle to score more than 6 marks and when asked, they reply that the passage ‘looks perfect’. There are no errors, they complain.

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Grand Opening and Open House Photos

We would like to thank everybody that came to the Grand Opening and Open House!

I am sure that all the children (and adults) enjoyed the ice-cream as it ran out even before it reached 3 pm. At the same time, we hope that the new parents who came managed to snag some of the promotions on offer. The holiday courses that we pushed out still have vaccancies. Do register soon!


Grand Opening and Open House, 23 Feb 2019, 11am – 6pm

Open House

We wish to invite you and your family to our new premises at Roxy Square Shopping Centre for our RG Grand Opening and Open House on 23 Feb 2019, 11 am to 6 pm.

We will be unveiling our signage at 12.30 pm sharp. In addition, there will be some complimentary goodies given out throughout the day. Our experienced teachers will also be on hand to answer any questions regarding the school and the MOE syllabus.

You can also take this opportunity to invite your friends down to visit us. If your friends do decide to sign up with us, we will be delighted to extend a $50 rebate to your Term 2 Fees. Please remind them to let us know that you invited them to come when they sign up.

We hope to see you at the centre.

To find out more, check out our FB event page.

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