FutureSchool Experience Trial Class

RG Channel Future School will be running a series of trial classes between 8 – 21 December 2012. We had received some queries on the phone about what it is all about. Let me give our readers some information about our trial classes to clear their doubts. While our classes span many different levels, there are common threads running throughout each class.

In RG Channel, we believe that English is the foundation for learning. Therefore we teach our English lessons in themes. The reason for this is to build broad vocabulary and basic knowledge in many different topics so that students will find learning these topics easier when they encounter later. Our strategy also creates students with wide general knowledge. For our trial lessons, we focus on the topic of Ecology. The knowledge covered will range from basic information like food chains for the Primary One and Two students to the environmental damage to ecosystems for our Secondary Three and Four students.

While providing a firm foundation of knowledge, we have not forgotten our key focus – English. In RG Channel, we do not drill the children, but we teach English skills to our students. We teach a variety of different skills and strategies as each child is different in the way they process information and knowledge. During the course of their lessons, we try to get the child to find the most effective strategy for their individual needs. Of course, in the trial class, we are not able to showcase all the possible skills that we teach – we teach your children a sampling of the English skills. This may range from simple ways to learn spelling to ways to dissect a comprehension passage. All these will be demonstrated in the class.

Finally, we also provide students with tools to learn better. We will be using a simple yet very effective way of taking notes and understanding materials to underpin our lessons. Your child can discover for themselves the virtues of this system – Cornell Note Taking system. We have modified and updated it so that your child can learn better and effectively.

We believe that the trial classes give a glimpse of what we offer in our normal classes. At the same time, your child will be entertained.