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a Love of Learning While Striving for Academic Excellence

At RG, our primary programme is planned for your children to enjoy a seamless learning journey. At the lower primary level, we nurture their interest in the subjects, and focus on building the right foundation, so that your children will be able to build upon their knowledge.

At the middle primary level, we strengthen their basics, and introduce more higher-order thinking skills – from analysing passages in English, to inquiry-based learning in Science, and problem-solving skills in Math, your children will gain the necessary critical thinking skills to excel.

In the upper primary level, we focus on helping your children master the subjects and topics needed. We prepare them to manage exams and excel academically, while instilling a positive attitude towards learning.


Programmes are Curated with Care and Love

Student-centric Approach

Thoughtfully and carefully designed school campus, programmes, and schedules – all created with the needs your children in mind.
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Inspired Teachers

Dedicated professionals fully engaged in teaching careers, who want nothing more than for your child to succeed.
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Proven Approach to Education

Research-informed curriculum designed by experienced educators to inspire children not just to learn, but to think on their own.
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