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Many people wrongly believe that having a wide range of vocabulary is everything. It is not. Good vocabulary is nothing without a good foundation in grammar to string all those fabulous words together. Think about good grammar as the glue that binds it all together!

‘Grammar Ninjas’ covers important grammar content needed for children to gain mastery over the tricky rules and common pitfalls in English grammar. Our systematic approach in teaching the various grammar components will help your child remember and retain grammar concepts in a fun and easy manner!

Know the ‘enemy’

The Grammar Ninja course gears children towards conquering tricky grammar questions in the PSLE English Language Paper. We teach children to recognise the context of a sentence before applying correct grammar usage as opposed to rote learning and blindly applying the rules.

How it all ties in

Both the Intermediate and Advanced courses link all the grammar components with their relative sentence synthesis forms so that children can see how the rules are applied to sentence synthesis. Of course, the ability to synthesise and transform sentences ultimately leads to good sentence structures in writing!

Give your child a head start and join our course now!

Grammar Ninja is a specially designed and proven programme to help your child:

  • SLAY all grammar fears
  • MASTER tricky grammar rules
  • CONQUER sentence synthesis and transformation
  • APPLY and USE grammar correctly in a variety of contexts

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