Can English be taught in the same way as Maths and Science?  Can a student get to know what goes into the different components of the English Paper at a glance? Is there a formula for writing essays or answering Language Impact Questions and how to make inferences for Comprehension Questions?

If you are sceptical or find this questionable, do come and join us for the introductory course at RGCFS and we promise you that you will be able to get a better grasp of your English Paper.

At RGCFS we have come up with the (OPS) for English.  What is OPS you wonder? Well, OPS is a one- page summary for each component in your Paper 1, 2 and 3 of the English Paper.

We at RGCFS identify and empathise with your challenges and difficulties in scoring well for your English paper.  What if we gave you an OPS that shows and teaches you at a glance, to have the understanding and the skill to score in your English?

Come and Join this course to ACE your English! See for yourself the change it will make in your English paper.

The OPS Course will not only include One-Page Summaries, but how to use them. The following topics are avaliable as One-Page Summaries:

  • Situational Writing
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Visual Text
  • Comprehension Question Types
  • Summary

The course was well-rounded and covered relevant skills needed for comprehension passages done in school. The summary of the different types of questions was also outstanding.

Nathaniel Chia, Chung Cheng

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