The RGC PSLE Science Intensive is a 10-day concise revision programme that focuses on higher-order thinking questions and problems that require understanding and application of scientific principles and processes.

Specially designed to be part of every student’s PSLE Science preparation, the programme is a comprehensive review of every aspect of the PSLE science syllabus.

Topics Covered

  • Living Together and Environment
  • Web of Life
  • Adaptations
  • Plant Reproduction
  • Reproduction in Humans
  • Matter and Water
  • Energy Forms and Uses
  • Forces
  • Electrical Systems
  • Heat and Light

Why Join Us?

  • Comprehensive topical review with detailed notes
  • Concept map learning for a broad overview of individual topics
  • Keyword Review to ensure mastery of Open-ended Questions
  • Hands-on experiments to reinforce understanding of topics and concepts
  • Examination strategies to maximise marks and minimise careless mistakes
  • Review quizzes to test for understanding
  • Progress card at the end of the course to help parents understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Experienced teachers with a combined experience of more than 40 years of teaching PSLE students
  • Proven programme that has helped more then 15 batches of PSLE students to excel in their PSLE Science

PSLE Science

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