In RGC Future School’s Concept Science primary science tuition programmes, Science comes alive!

We offer primary science tuition, secondary science tuition, PSLE Science tuition as well as short holiday camps for preschoolers who wish to have early exposure to science learning.

Our courses are based on a research-informed 5E (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration and Evaluation) framework to enthuse students’ natural scientific inquiry spirit. Besides teaching the concepts, skills and processes, the teachers conduct hands-on experiments that engage the students and set them up for exploration and discovery of the relevant scientific facts in daily life. The Science lessons are conducted to fuel the curiosity of your child’s understanding of the concepts of Science and serve to make learning science fun and meaningful.

What are the reproductive organs of a plant?  How to understand the respiratory system? How are seeds dispersed? What about the life cycles of animals? Where do animals and insects live?

Following the MOE syllabus closely, our science tuition provides ample exposure to Life and Physical Sciences.  This is to ensure that they learn the skills of observation, inference, the correct use of apparatus and equipment, formulation of hypothesis, problem solve and investigate.

Thus, flowers are dissected to study their reproductive system as well as cutting up a fish to learn about its respiratory system.  Students get to have a sensory experience which helps in their retention of the topics that they have learnt.

Moreover, our Teachers use a variety of strategies to facilitate the inquiry process. Fields trips are organised for students to learn and experience science in everyday life which gives concrete awareness and reinforces what is being taught in the class. This enables them to master relevant and positive 21st Century knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected of an effective science learner.

Why join us?

  • We equip students with basic scientific terms and concepts
  • We provide opportunities for them to develop skills, habits and attitudes to develop an enquiring mindset
  • We empower them to make confident decisions towards scientific knowledge and methods
  • We open up their world to engage with how science interacts with us and the surrounding environment