Comprehension Cloze – Part 2

To understand this tip better, we are going to run through a sample passage using the above method. Firstly, please download the assignment and sample worksheet below:

Download:  Comprehension Cloze - Sports

Just like we mentioned in the previous section, as soon as your child figures out the main idea of the paragraph, they can fill up the “Main Idea” column. From the “Main Idea” column your child should think of words that are associated with the main idea. These words could be nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs associated with the main idea. As you can see, from the “Associated Words” column from the sample, the answers to Q2 and Q4 have been revealed. The answer to Q1 is another form of the word ‘pain’ which is also found in the “Associated Words” column.

We must caution you that this method does not give you the answers to all the questions. For example, the answer to Q3 is found through the use of contextual clues (read the next sentence, its says ‘hard contact with something’ which gives the answer to Q3). But using our method will give them answers to many of the questions in Comprehension Cloze. You can now use the worksheet template to complete the rest of the Comprehension Cloze. See how many words can be teased out just by using this method. You can then use this tip to practise with your child using other passages.

To guide your child along this strategy, we have included two more downloads. The first download is a refresher cheat sheet of wha nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are. This is to help you and your child to think of the types of words to associate with the main idea. The cheat sheet is based on the main idea of ‘injuries’. Next, is a download of instructions your child should follow when they are completing the Comprehension Cloze. Make sure they review this and remember the steps for their exams.

Download:  Grammar - Part of Speech Recap

Download:  Completing the Comprehension Cloze

There are of course other strategies and tips that will help your child. Please contact RG Channel to arrange for a free FutureSchool@RG Channel Experience trial class to discover more.