Good Essays Primary One 2017

Good Essay
Over 2017, the students of RG Channel have written many good essays during their weekly lessons. We have carefully curated a selection of the best essays our Primary One students have written in this post. We hope you enjoy their writing as much as we have enjoyed reading and grading them.

My Favourite Activity

by Mattan Ho (Tanjong Katong Primary, Pri 1)

Good Essay, Reading

My favourite activity is reading.

I like to read in the living room because it is so bright.

I read after I come back from school.

I continue reading the book during the weekend.

I read with my mother and father.

I read a new story book every month.

I like to read very much because books are so funny and interesting.

My Favourite Activity

by Jia Guo Dong (Tanjong Katong Primary, Pri 1)

Good Essay Swimming

My favourite activity is swimming.

I swim in the pool at Chinese Swimming Club.

I swim during the weekend.

When I was younger, my mum taught me to swim but now I swim by myself.

I wear swimming trunks to swim.

I like swimming because swimming is fun and the water is cool.

I hope that I can swim very well one day.

My Favourite Activity

by Christie Tan (Methodist Girls’ School, Pri 1)

My favourite activity is baking.

I started baking when I was five years old.

I usually bake during the school holidays.

Once, I baked a rainbow cake and my family loved it so much that they wanted me to bake some more.

I like baking because my mum inspires me with the delicious cakes that she bakes.

I hope I can become a great baker like my mum one day.

Good Essay Baking

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