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Critical Thinkers of the Future

At RG, our secondary programme is designed to help students think critically by exposing and challenging students to more than the school syllabus. Through active discussions, inquiry-based activities and learning, students learn to be effective problem solvers and communicators.

We emphasise on linking knowledge to real-life applications, to help students to understand the relevance of the knowledge they learn. With our teachers ranging from varied backgrounds – from chartered accountants, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and ex MOE-teachers, we offer students a well-rounded perspective of the applications of knowledge learnt in school.

By teaching concepts, followed by guided practice that are scaffolded into different levels of difficulty, students can be sure to grasp concepts and build confidence in learning and tackling challenging problems, while being exam-ready for O-Levels and beyond.


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Thoughtfully and carefully designed school campus, programmes, and schedules – all created with the needs your children in mind.
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Dedicated professionals fully engaged in teaching careers, who want nothing more than for your child to succeed.
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Research-informed curriculum designed by experienced educators to inspire children not just to learn, but to think on their own.
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