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Write with Might

by Mrs Elaine Loh Everyone loves a good story. Everyone loves telling stories. Telling stories is what makes us human. As a child, I loved writing and I still do. As a teacher, I believe every child can be nurtured into a future writer even if writing isn’t exactly your child’s forte. There are no shortcuts to writing a good story but there are writing techniques that when applied effectively, help make for a truly outstanding story, one that will

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what to do after a levels feature
Think Ahead

What to do after ‘A’ levels?

‘A’ levels results release day is today. I am sure all parents will be very excited about this day. While our school does not have any graduating ‘A’ level students this year, we are excited for the current ‘A’ level batch. Some of them were my students whom I taught when I still worked for the Ministry of Education. I was a former ‘A’ level student and an educator who has seen many of my students go to university. I

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What is the RGC Road Map?

We don’t believe in leaving things to chance at RGC Future School. We believe that academic excellence requires a road map to guide their learning. Building this map requires a comprehensive and holistic look at the entire journey from Primary One to Secondary Four as academic excellence is a marathon and not a sprint. How do we do it? First, we analyse the national examination syllabus from SEAB and the core syllabus from MOE. From there, we can evaluate how

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Feed the Brain

What is STELLAR?

This programme is designed specifically for Singapore children by Singapore teachers. STELLAR stands for Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading. It was rolled out in 2006 and after nine years, all the primary schools use for all levels. STELLAR is an instructional programme and not a syllabus, and therefore it offers materials and strategies rather than an outline of teaching outcomes. As a result, some parents complain that it seems unstructured.

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We are Moving!

Dear parents, We are so excited! After more than 20 years in Eastgate building, we are happy to announce that we are moving to a new, more convenient and central location. Our new place is just down the road at Roxy Square II beside the Grand Mercure Hotel. The address is: 50 East Coast Road, #02-113 Roxy Square II, Singapore 428769 As you read this, our interior designers are busy creating a comfortable learning space and our teachers are busy

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