What is the RGC Road Map?

We don’t believe in leaving things to chance at RGC Future School. We believe that academic excellence requires a road map to guide their learning. Building this map requires a comprehensive and holistic look at the entire journey from Primary One to Secondary Four as academic excellence is a marathon and not a sprint.

How do we do it?

First, we analyse the national examination syllabus from SEAB and the core syllabus from MOE. From there, we can evaluate how the curriculum specialists in MOE connect different topics and content, and how these content and topics are taught and tested.

This allows us to plan our teaching so that our students can master the topics, content and skills just when they require them in school. This means we prepare our students for more complex concepts with scaffolded and easily digestible content before they are taught in schools.

Second, we include our years of teaching experience into our road map. We identify difficult sections of the syllabus, as well as common weaknesses. This is based on the tens of thousands of students we have taught.

Thus, we offer booster or supplementary short courses for students who need help or a boost. As a result, weak students do not fall behind, and  good students are allowed an opportunity to excel even more.

Finally, we also include other dimensions to our plan by including enrichment courses. These courses might not directly help academic ability, but they help by intellectually stimulating our students, give them extra exposure to soft skills like planning, critical thinking, creative thinking, speech and so on. Our students therefore achieve academic mastery and excellence.

Primary School Roadmap


What would you get if you allow experienced, master teachers complete freedom to plan the roadmap for academic success? The answer is the RGC Roadmap. Our road map guides our curriculum, which is known to prepare students for examinations, and challenge them so that their brains get stretched and stimulated for a world that is ever changing. Every year, we give our teachers the freedom to just do one thing well – to create success. They have always delivered.

RGC Future School has been offering English, Math and Science tuition and enrichment classes since 1988. We pride ourselves as subject specialists, creating exploratory, educational and inspirational programmes for each subject taught in the centre.

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At RGC, your children are not just our students. They are our extended family. We love mentoring them, following their development and seeing them turn into young adults.

If you have any questions about our programme, please fill free to call us at 6344-3398 or WhatsApp us at 8793-7133.