Gifted Tutor?

Recently, a tutor from a tuition school was told to stop advertising himself as a student of the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). MOE ran some checks in response to complaints from parents and discovered that he was neither a student nor a teacher in the GEP programme. Now, he claims to be a relief teacher who helped out in the GEP programme. But no teacher that taught in the GEP recalled such a relief teacher. I wonder how many people were fooled by him and paid top money to learn about strategies to enter the GEP.

I think the most important lesson that we can take away from this is to check the credibility of the tutors that you employ or the tuition centres that you enrol your child in. I mean, just because somebody is able to rent a place doesn’t make him automatically qualified to teach.

I always have copies of my academic certificates (my BA, MA and PDGE) at hand. And any teacher employed by RG Channel will also have copies of their certificates on , But so far, nobody who has enrolled in RG Channel or made enquiries ever asked me to produce my certificates. This makes me wonder how many children out there are taught by unqualified and unprofessional tutors.

In RG Channel, we believe that having qualified teachers is not enough. We want qualified and well-trained teachers who are also ahead of others in pedagogy knowledge. Other than planning my lessons, teaching and other business-related work, I spent a large part of my time doing research on pedagogy, consulting with my ex-colleagues, who have provided a lot of useful information so that I can continue to improve. At RG Channel, we believe that our teaching methods must always be the most effective and the most efficient.