Our PSLE Oral Preparatory course, aptly named POP! will help your child make an impactful impression on the examiners at the PSLE Oral Examination.

While many children can read and speak, few can do so confidently and well enough to stand out from the crowd.

The new PSLE English Oral syllabus requires your child to think on their feet in the Stimulus Based Conversation segment. While many children have ideas, few can express their personal opinions, ideas and experiences clearly and effectively in conversing with the examiner under stressful examination conditions.

During the 3-day POP! course, your child will be guided by experienced teachers who know the PSLE Oral Exam requirements needed to ace the exam. For each lesson, your child will be taught strategies on how to infer from various pictures, what topic questions may be asked, and how to use the right vocabulary to speak on a variety of topics.

Each lesson has a reading component in which your child will be taught how to read smoothly with good expression, rhythm and pace. During the lesson, your child will be taught how to review a reading passage and mark out where appropriate pauses are needed.

We believe presentation is everything…

Just as you would want to leave a good impression at an interview, we want your child to exude the confidence that will leave a good impression on the examiner. Besides focusing on skills alone, your child will be taught the importance of maintaining good posture, voice control and eye contact.

Overcome exam nerves and anxiety through daily simulated oral assessment.

Facing up to one’s fear is the best way to overcome it. To allow your child to get a feel of what the PSLE Oral Exam set-up is like, your child will be given a one-to-one teacher evaluation session daily at the end of each lesson with a report sheet on what your child needs to improve on.

Give your child the confidence boost he needs by giving him the right preparation and practice before he sits for the PSLE Oral Exam.

What your child will learn:

  • Read with appropriate expression, rhythm and pace
  • Widen their vocabulary and build inferential skills for stimulus-based-conversation
  • Have daily one-to-one teacher evaluation and feedback
  • Learn good articulation
PSLE Oral Prep

2018 POP Class