This programme will not feel like another school chore. Sneak writing into fun, play and art through RG’s Twisted Fairy Tales.

Introduce your child to the world of storyboarding… where Language fuses with Art.

Authors are constantly using other people’s work to inspire their own, and some of the best books have come in just this way.

No, we are not talking about plagiarism. We are talking about letting your kids take something familiar and making it their own. This programme is about inspiring kids to start writing early because writing helps to cultivate emotional growth, develop critical thinking skills and improve school performance.

Twisted Fairy Tales encourages kids to overcome writer’s block by giving them an existing story plot to mess and play with.

Fairy tales are unlike any other kind of story. They’re magical, enchanting tales where anything is possible, and by giving your child the power to rewrite the plot and change endings… Well anything could happen.

RG’s Twisted Fairy Tales programme inspires your child to become confident, bold writers. Over the three days, your kids will brainstorm and present elements that make up a good fairy tale. They then get to storyboard their ideas and add their own illustrations to depict their story. All with the eventuality of creating their final masterpiece of writing and art that they can take home and be proud of for years to come.

Fuel their imagination and let them have a blast, with the priceless power to share thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way.

Programme Benefits:

  • Learn to work in teams
  • Develop writing skills
  • Infuse art into a writing project
  • Develop confidence in speaking and writing
  • Get creative and have fun
  • Publish their own story