What is RGC Road Map?

Our school’s name can sometimes be confusing to people who are not familiar with us, especially with the word ‘cal’ highlighted. People have walked into the school inquiring about our Mathematics or Science courses!

We want to set the record straight – CAL actually stands for CAL2. It is our unique framework for English mastery and success.

What does CAL2 stand for? It basically consists of two groups of components, CAL Objectives and CAL Complexities –

a) Content Objectives, Assessment Objectives and Learning Objectives, AND
b) Content Learning, Active Thinking and Leadership Skills.

The two CAL together constitute of CAL2: CAL X CAL = CAL2

Content Objectives, Assessment Objectives and Learning Objectives (CAL Objectives)

CAL Objectives help in ensuring that our students achieve the outcomes necessary for academic excellence and success outside school.

The following diagram should explain it better:

Content Objectives Assessment Objectives Learning Objectives
Mastery in subject content in order to build a broad base of English vocabulary and thematic knowledge. Understand and meet MOE and SEAB’s assessment objectives Mastery in CAL and English Language skills

Content Learning, Active Thinking and Leadership Skills (CAL Complexities)

CAL Complexities on the other hand measures and assess our students’ cognitive and holistic development. It also ensures that we challenge our students with activities and assessments that are rigorous cognitively.

The attached diagram explains what we intend to achieve:

Content Learning Active Thinking Leadership Skills
Assess student’s ability to understand and apply skills and knowledge Asses student’s ability to evaluate, synthesise and create information Assess student’s ability to collaborate and lead

Our framework is modelled after the work of prominent educational psychologist and educators such as Dr Benjamin Bloom. We have improved it by building onto it, our own understanding of real world skills. We believe that this is very unique as there are not many schools which feature founders that include people with experience in the private and public sectors.

Together, CALprovides a powerful framework for learning English as well as creating a solid academic foundation for great results, both in school and outside school.

We do not just narrowly focus on just improving examination results, but we focus on providing quality and holistic education for our students – yet at the same time ensuring our students get great results. That is the power of CAL2.

To know more about our framework and our courses, feel free to call, email or just walk in to talk to us. We will be happy to provide more information.

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At RGC, your children are not just our students. They are our extended family. We love mentoring them, following their development and seeing them turn into young adults.

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